Remnant of Faith Christian Center (ROFCC)

(505) 234-7976
2016 Central Ave SW
PO BOX 7507

Albuquerque, New Mexico  87194


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Remnant of Faith
Christian Center

Physical Address
Currently meeting at:
Los Altos Christian Church
11900 Haines NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112
505-234-7976 (Office)


Pastor Supt. Charles Hollis Sr.
FL Ester Hollis
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Live Worship Services ** Meet us at 11900 Haines NE ** View Services live ** Los Altos Christian Church Live YouTube Channel

Service Times

9:00 AM Family Prayer

9:15 AM Sunday School 

10:30 AM Morning Worship
"LORD Supper" Communion

Loving God with all our heart!
Loving Others as ourselves!

Serving mankind!

Strong in Faith
Giving Glory to God
Rebuilding Lives Through
The Word of

(Romans 4:16-21, 10:17)
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