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Evangelizing in the 21st Century

What can we do?Must we simply sit idly by and watch the church of today and the church of tomorrow walk out the back door of the church building one last time, never to return? Is it too late?
In certain cases, it surely seems too late. Some children now have ingrained in them such a stubborn, rebellious attitude that it is seemingly impossible to reach them. But for others, it is not too late.
But we must begin immediately to correct the error of our ways. To lose 90 out of every hundred of our youngsters is repulsive; to lose 50 out of every hundred is no less a disgrace; to lose even 1 is a tragedy, the dimensions of which cannot even begin to be estimated. That 1 is someone’s son or daughter. Jesus clearly taught that the entire world pales in comparison to the worth of a single human soul (Matthew 16:26). We must never lose sight of that fact.
Various writers have identified the problems that we are now facing in the loss of our children to the world, and have offered a number of sound, practical solutions to these problems.

Evangelizing in the 21st Century captures many of those solutions and offers strategies to "Reach Young Adults for Christ"
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