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Rhythmatic Purpose of Remnant of Faith CC
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Following Jesus is about your way of life – it consumes all that you are and do. The church is a community of people who are striving to follow Jesus. If that is true, church has to be more than just an event and more than just a gathering.  Remnant of Faith is not simply a few programs that meet each week that we hope people will come to. ROFCC is about Purpose. It is about inviting people to join into the rhythmatic purpose of Remnant of Faith as we seek to live life in the way of Jesus.


Each week, Remnant of Faith goes through a rhythm of life as we seek to follow Jesus together with purpose. We hope that this rhythmatic purpose will help all of us participate in "being" the church all week, rather than just attending the church for a few hours each week. 






At the beginning of each week, we will introduce a text or theme for the week. This might be a passage from Scripture we are studying for the week, or perhaps a theme is found throughout Scripture. It will be posted on the Remnant of Faith Christian Center Church Website Discussion Board. We invite everyone to begin to wrestle with that theme. Read over it on your own. Ask yourself questions about it. Explore what it would look like if it was part of your life each day. Throughout the week, all are invited to share their thoughts on the theme by commenting on the blog or sending an email to the staff. This will allow discussion to continue regarding the theme at an even larger level. All of us have different experiences and perspectives that will shape how we view the theme, and we can all learn from those.

NOTE: Blog and Discussion Board will be activated soon

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