Remnant of Faith Christian Center (ROFCC)

(505) 234-7976
2016 Central Ave SW
PO BOX 7507

Albuquerque, New Mexico  87194


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Philosophy of Ministry

We believe church is for everyone, it should be fun, exciting, relevant and equipping. We aren't here to impress you by showing off our "Sunday faces", or creating a production, or even showing off a fancy building. We believe:


Church is for Everyone

We hope to remove all boundaries of church culture, so that those who don't normally go to church, or those who feel disaffected by their experience of church can feel welcome here.

Church is Fun

It's clear that people loved being with Jesus and enjoyed His company. We aim to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere here which people will enjoy. We also try not to take ourselves too seriously!

Church is Exciting

We believe that God's church is an adventurous and dynamic place to be, where our lives are transformed far beyond what we ever consider imaginable. It is also exciting, as well as bizarre, that God uses us to transform the lives of other people.

Church is Relevant

Commonly, the church is perceived to be dull, boring and irrelevant to modern life. The claims of Jesus are seen as little more than a fairytale. We believe Jesus' claims are the key to a life of meaning, fulfillment and freedom. Therefore the church could not be more relevant.

Church is Equipping

We believe God uniquely gifts all His people, not just some of them or worse still only to a select few. We therefore seek to help people identify their gifts, and support them as they use them, both within and beyond the church.


Charting a Path —Our Vision

As a Christian fellowship our vision is, with the LORD's help, build a church:



Long enough to stretch beyond our doors to engage with contemporary culture in Albuquerque and vacinity.



Wide enough to welcome and care for absolutely everyone who comes here.



High enough to worship God, letting Him lead us in whatever way He wants to.



Deep enough to challenge, train and release all who come here

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